Team Building Retreats


Leadership Development  &

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion



Developing Conscious Leaders & Mindful Workplaces


The duration is typically 60-90 min either in person or virtually. Includes themes appropriate for all levels and others for people managers. Some topics include:

Psychological Safety, Building Trust, Emotional Intelligence, Mindset, Mindfulness, Accountability, Prioritization, Resilience,  Communication Skills, Having Difficult Conversations, Unconscious Bias, Managing Conflict, Allyship, Managing Up, Down and Across,  Cultural Competence, Cultivating an Inclusive Culture, Influence, Executive Presence, Speaking Skills,  Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Multigenerational Diversity, Time Mastery and more.                                      


Multiple days offsite to support team building. Themes covered are tailored to meet the needs of the team. Can include high and low ropes challenge course activities.

Leadership Development and/or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Curriculum:

Programs are designed to meet the learning needs of the organization and include experiential learning. On demand programs can also be designed. For more information or to discuss the right fit for your organization, please feel reach out to schedule a discovery call.

Carolina’s presentations include:

  • Activities that will allow you to have an experience of the content so that you can uncover your blind spots
  • A-ha moments that will have you reflecting on your habits so you can examine how they might be detracting or amplifying your leadership potential
  • Action plans that will enable you to translate concept to practice and assess your progress


Cultivating Resilience Through Mindful Leadership

Targeting Beyond Unconscious Bias

Shifting from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset

Strengths-based Leadership

High Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Exploring the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Multigenerational Bunch: Redefining Diversity in Today's Workforce

Communication Mastery 

Developing Influence through Presence & Personal Power

Managing Conflict Productively

Managing Up, Down & Across the Organization


Kevin Fichtner, PMP, CSM
Senior IT Specialist at Parsons Corporation

"I had the great fortune to be in the Leadership Pasadena Class of 2018 which Carolina facilitated. The class covered a range of topics over each weekend, including communication, dealing with conflict productively, team dynamics, unconscious bias, mindfulness & resilience. Every weekend was transformative, and created new insights into self and how we relate to others, and they to us. Carolina's approach was both directive and engaging. She would lead the group in a topic, encourage them to explore the subject together, and then provide exercises that would result in deep learning and change. There is no doubt that because of Carolina, the quality of my engagement with others and my performance as a leader has improved measurably. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with her. "

Martha Shenkenberg, RN, BSN, MBA
Manager, Consulting Services, Medi-Cal And State programs at Kaiser Permanente

"Carolina is an excellent facilitator. She understands quickly, adapts quickly and relates extremely well to all. I highly recommend her. If you'd like additional references, I am happy to provide. "