Carolina covers leadership development themes.

She specializes in topics that address the neuroscience of


With these skills, leaders can

Master their Minds.

Developing Conscious Leaders & Mindful Workplaces



Carolina’s presentations include:

  • Activities that will allow you to have an experience of the content so that you can uncover your blind spots
  • A-ha moments that will have you reflecting on your habits so you can examine how they might be detracting or amplifying your leadership potential
  • Action plans that will enable you to translate concept to practice and assess your progress

Most Requested Presentations

The Good, The Bad and the Blind Spots: Targeting Beyond Unconscious Bias

In order for us to move the needle to cultivate cultures that are truly inclusive and equitable, we first need to acknowledge and accept that we are all bias. Once we normalize this, we can begin to explore with less judgment how these biases influence us and to what extent. A commitment to inclusivity demands that we become more sophisticated and agile in creating space and celebrating a wide spectrum of perspectives and experiences.

From Mind Full to Mindful: Cultivating Resilience through Mindful Leadership

In today’s rapid moving world, the demands placed on us can often leave us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted. The incessant use of digital devices and the constant exposure to information is drastically impacting our ability to focus. Learn how mindfulness-based techniques can enable us meet these challenges to master our minds with resilience, by shifting from reactivity to responsiveness.

Mind your Mindset: Shifting from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset

Our brains are physiologically wired for survival. Consequently, we unconsciously seek out situations that will enable us to feel safe and secure. That risk aversion can work against us by sabotaging our growth and development. Examine when you are approaching situationswith a fixed mindset so that you can create the behavioral shifts that will support a growth mindset.

Accelerated Leadership: Developing Influence through Presence & Personal Power

Imagine your influence completely magnified. Mastering your personal power enables you to exercise influence at any level and with anyone. Unlike positional power, that is rooted in authority and leaves others feeling diminished, personal power is internal and energetic and has the ability to raise those around us. Explore how to create an influential presence irrespective of your position or role.

The Multi-Generational Bunch: Redefining Diversity for Today’s Workforce

Extending beyond the traditional diversity challenges of gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation, today’s workforce is comprised of arguably more distinct generations than ever before. With several distinct generations active in the workforce, all viewing the world from a different lens, a new approach to leadership development is required where we cultivate and leverage the inherent strengths of each individual to build high-performing teams.


Linda Manship
Vice President Retail Services, LA Financial Credit Union

"Carolina was able to present the information in a manner that could speak to our mixed audience of executives, mid-management, and staff level employees. Incorporating interactive components to her presentations, whether a keynote, workshop, or closing presentation, brings to life the information that is being shared. Her presentation style will leave you contemplating how to apply the information to both your business and personal life."

Ken Robbins
Senior Vice President, Investments at Raymond James

"Carolina is one of the best presenters that I have encountered. She is exceptionally articulate and uses visual presentation techniques very effectively. Her positive demeanor invites constructive interaction within her workshops."

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