Developing Conscious Leaders & Inclusive Workplaces

Executive Coaching: is a partnership with my clients that is designed to meet them where they are, in order to facilitate a strengths-based solution and action oriented approach to move in the direction of their desired outcomes, trusting that they have the inner wisdom and skills to get there.

  • Typically 6-12 month engagements
  • Can include assessments and/or 360 feedback

Team Coaching: this process is designed to help teams align around a common purpose, establish an inspiring vision, define clear roles and commit to accountability. Team coaching uses a systemic approach to explore how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Typically 6-12 month engagements
  • Include frameworks and assessments or a team 360 feedback (as needed)

Public Speaking Coaching: This coaching program is intended for professionals who want to be more effective in their communication skills. Whether you're looking to improve the way you deliver sales pitches, business presentations or keynote lectures, the tools are tailored to meet your specific speaking needs.

  • Typically 3-6 month engagements
  • We explore intention, energy, mastering the body, voice (pitch, tone, volume, pacing) and more


It was great to work with Carolina on public speaking through her three-months program. The curriculum is highly structured and well designed to drive progress in way that's effective but also manageable. She was always responsive to my questions, needs and provides great feedback both in person at our sessions and through email during weeks we don't meet. She's incredibly professional, experienced, observant, and just all-around great to work with. Wonderful program for any professional looking to improve presentation skills.


Lindsey Gui

Vice President, Corporate Synergy at Warner Bros.

I truly appreciate what Carolina has been able to guide me through. I am without a doubt a better listener, communicator, and leader as a result of the work she has done with me. The techniques I have learned have been recognized by my senior management, so much so I have been asked to mentor fellow supervisors because of the success of my problem solving and conflict resolution skills. I have Carolina to thank for that!


Christina Mesesan

Supervisory Intelligence Analyst at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Carolina was able to present the information in a manner that could speak to our mixed audience of executives, mid-management, and staff level employees. Incorporating interactive components to her presentations, whether a keynote, workshop, or closing presentation, brings to life the information that is being shared. Her presentation style will leave you contemplating how to apply the information to both your business and personal life.


Linda Manship

Vice President Retail Services, LA Financial Credit Union

I have had the pleasure of working with Carolina Caro in her role as a leadship coach. She has been amazing to work with. Carolina is highly knowledgeable in her field and brings to table invaluable skills and knowledge about navigating the day to day as a business owner and practicing mindfulness both personally and professionally. I have enjoyed the group exercises and role playing that she has presented. The skills and tools that Carolina has provided have been extremely helpful. I highly recommend Carolina Caro.


Kristen Howard

Managing Partner at Law Offices of Makupson & Howard

Carolina is one of the best presenters that I have encountered. She is exceptionally articulate and uses visual presentation techniques very effectively. Her positive demeanor invites constructive interaction within her workshops.


Ken Robbins

Senior Vice President, Investments at Raymond James

Carolina's skill as a Program Facilitator is unmatched. The multifaceted and diverse professional and educational background she has cultivated through her own curiosity makes her an excellent facilitator.

Carolina's ability to weave, sometimes complex, theoretical concepts with real-world application, not only makes her highly effective, but also very credible. Couple those two with her very relatable and compassionate facilitation style and you have a rare combination indeed. I recommend Carolina with no reservations.


Alma Apodaca

Executive Director, HR Strategic Partnerships At City of Hope

Carolina is an amazing coach that helped me explore and express my personal growth to excel in being a leader in the the civilian sector. As a veteran, she helped me understand the working dynamics that strengthen my skill sets that I had in the military and bridge them over to translate into the civilian sector.


Binh Nguyen

Veteran, United States Navy & Marine Corps

Carolina is an excellent coach. She has the unique ability to explain the most complex concepts is a way that you can understand. Her sessions are not generic, she first takes the time to understand her client or audience, then she customizes her session to fit her audience. This is likely why her sessions are very impactful and effective. I highly recommend Carolina without hesitation.


Louis Teran

Intellectual Property and Business Attorney

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in interactive sessions that Carolina has presented, facilitated, and led through The Exchange LA. Carolina is always prepared and professional. She provides added insight and perspective, and obtains the audience’s active participation in a group discussion. I have learned so much from participating, and have implemented the concepts discussed in our sessions. I highly recommend Carolina for coaching, facilitation, and speaking engagements.


Ashley Huynh Esq., PHR, SHRM-CP

Executive Level HR and Recruiting Consulting

Carolina is a phenomenal coach and facilitator. I had the honor of being in the 2018 Leadership Pasadena cohort and it was such a privilege to have Carolina as a coach and mentor. Her ability to challenge and support us helped me grow in my professional field. One of the most eye-opening sessions for me was the workshop she did on conflict. This really helped me see some of my blind spots in dealing with my coworkers and conflict. Having this new knowledge has giving me awareness of situations where I could be sabotaging my professional relationships. That one workshop completely changed my outlook and gave me tools to improve. Carolina is so engaging and empathetic. She built a tremendous bond with everyone in our cohort. I've actually been encouraging my office to hire her for all of our coaching needs, because she truly is the best coach I've encountered in my professional development journey.


Liz Jackman

Assistant Director of Student Programs at Caltech Y

Highly competent and effective consulting geared towards professionals seeking to refine and improve their leadership skills. Wonderful person and skilled facilitator.


Alan Romero

Trial Lawyer

Carolina is very intentional about focusing in on the areas of development that will have the biggest impact on our business so that it translates into results you can begin to observe immediately. She is quite intuitive and will share her insights openly and honestly combining both compassion and personal accountability when she holds up the mirror to our blind spots.


Art Trottier

Vice President, The Rinks

Carolina is an excellent facilitator. She understands quickly, adapts quickly and relates extremely well to all. I highly recommend her. If you'd like additional references, I am happy to provide.


Martha Shenkenberg, RN, BSN, MBA

Manager, Consulting Services, Medi-Cal And State programs at Kaiser Permanente

Carolina brought a rare and wonderful combination of insight, knowledge and personality. Her work with my group has left a very positive impression and I look forward to working with her again.


Muhannad Malki

Risk Management Specialist at Insurance Office of America (IOA)

Carolina is one of the most insightful, poised and effective coaches I've ever met. She's not only well-versed in a multitude of tools, but also curious about the whole person she's working with. I met Carolina at a leadership program 4 years ago. Having worked with her as a coach and collaborated in other capacities, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her passion, skills and commitment will propel you in your journey - no matter where it takes you.


Jinghuan Liu Tervalon

Manager of Consumer Insights Pharmavite

I had the great fortune to be in the Leadership cohort which Carolina facilitated. The class covered a range of topics including communication, dealing with conflict productively, team dynamics, unconscious bias, mindfulness & resilience. Every session was transformative, and created new insights into self and how we relate to others, and they to us. Carolina's approach was both directive and engaging. She would lead the group in a topic, encourage them to explore the subject together, and then provide exercises that would result in deep learning and change. There is no doubt that because of Carolina, the quality of my engagement with others and my performance as a leader has improved measurably. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.


Kevin Fichtner, PMP, CSM

Senior IT Specialist at Parsons Corporation

Carolina is a highly skilled and inspiring Program Facilitator and Coach. She is fluid and dynamic in her ability to synthesize and deliver innovative and impact driven approaches at the forefront of progressive leadership strategies. In addition, her style is warm and welcoming - allowing for optimal personal growth and development.


Lisa Raggio, M.P.A.

Executive Strategist, Non-Profit Consultant

I have personally been coached by Carolina and over the course of 9 months she expanded my thinking. She equipped and developed many skills that have contributed to my growth as a leader and manager. I would highly recommend her skill set..


Timonthy Sell

Fire Captain at City of Pasadena

You will walk away from her presentation feeling as though you can achieve anything! You’ll gain another layer of awareness about how you show up and the energy you bring into situations. You’ll start to understand how the mind works and begin to make the shifts that will support your goals rather than sabotage them- truly empowering.


Carla Buigues

Realtor, The Agency

Carolina is a rare combination of deep scientific intellect and great compassion which makes her a remarkable leadership coach. She understands the neuroscience of human behavior and what it takes to change behaviors. She has the sensitivity to connect with each individual where they are and coach them along the path, understanding change can be hard and requires encouragement and guidance. She is also the consummate professional, delivering her services flawlessly and is a pleasure to work with when planning curriculum and implementing workshops. Her evaluations from her Leadership Pasadena participants are off the charts outstanding for three years in a row! She is a gem of a coach and consultant. Feel free to contact me for more if you wish!


Cynthia L. Bengtson Budzyn

Executive Management Consultant, Leadership Pasadena

Carolina’s style is powerful and effective because it combines leadership strategies supported by evidence-based theories and pragmatic actionable steps that are relevant to my professional circumstances. She also knows how to engage her audience with personal anecdotes and light-hearted stories that help you relate to the ideas she presents. For someone very analytical like me, I benefit from her approach where the ROI and applicability of the concepts to my work are obvious immediately.


Josh Driskell

Partner at Law offices of Primuth, Driskell & Terzian