Introduction to Core Centered Leadership

Why Core Centered Leadership?
My Story
Redefining Success
From Doing to Being
Accepting What Is & Going with the Flow
Effortless ≠ Easy
Mirror Neurons
The Three Brains
Left Brain & Right Brain
A Little on Hormones
The 5Cs of Core Centered Leadership
The Framework
Day 1: Setting the Intention & Examining the Dimensions of Your Life
Day 2: Redefining Success
Day 3: From Doing to Being
Day 4: My Life Timeline
Day 5: Experiencing the FLOW
Module 1:
Benefits of Core Centered Leadership
Lessons from the Navy Seals
Asch Conformity Experiment
The Milgram Experiment
The Standford Prison Experiment
Good Wolf vs. Bad Wolf
Meditation Technique
The Maharishi Effect
Day 6: Meditation
Day 7: Mindfulness
Day 8: The Detective’s Diary
Day 9: Expectations & Control
Day 10: Choices vs. Obligations
Debrief: It’s all about Perspective

Module 2:
Clarifying your IKIGAI (Your Purpose)
The Challenges
Maslow’s Pyramid & Barett’s 7 Stages of Consciousness
Day 11: Values
Day 12: Passion Quiz
Day 13: Talents and Strengths
Day 14: IKIGAI
Module 3
Day 15 Your Legacy
Day 16: Living Your Vida List
Day 17: A Day in your Dream Life
Day 18: Your Vision
Day 19: Mental Rehearsal
Day 20: Act As If
Module 4
The Subconscious Mind
The Ladder of Inference
Day 21: Beliefs
Day 22: FEAR
Day 23: Understanding Your Triggers
Day 24: Managing Your Triggers
Day 25: Examining Habits
Day 26: Transforming Habits
Day 27: Happy Day!
Day 28: Heart-Centric Practices
Module 5:
Day 29: Contributing to your Community
Module 6:
Day 30: Putting it all Together


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