Coaching is a partnership with my clients that is designed to meet them where they are, in order to facilitate a strengths-based solution and action oriented approach to move in the direction of their desired outcomes, trusting that they have the inner wisdom and skills to get there.



Developing Conscious Leaders & Mindful Workplaces

Coaching can be conducted one-on-one, in groups or with teams. The difference between group coaching and team coaching is the following: Teams are individuals in the same business unit or division, all working toward the same outcome or goal. This type of coaching typically focuses on the processes and relationships needed for the team to optimally perform and attain their goal(s). Groups are individuals who will share an interest in a topic or skill-set but are not necessarily working towards the same development goal or outcome. For example, coaching sessions can center around improving communication and effective listening skills.


For Individuals, Groups or Teams

  • Typically 3 -12 month engagements
  • Initial alignment meeting
  • Ideal frequency and length of coaching sessions discussed with client

Additional Components:

  • Shadowing meetings 
  • Email support
  • Assessments + debrief
  • Customized 360 feedback


We offer a variety of personality and attitudinal assessments that help leaders explore their values, motivations, strengths, derailers, blindspots, communication style, conflict management style and their approach to problem solving. We use these different tools to help uncover specific opportunities for development and/or to predict performance.

In certain cases it’s recommended for leaders to undergo a 360o evaluation to help them gain understanding about how they are perceived by others and provide constructive feedback to support their professional development.

We also offer surveys to assess your company’s culture, inclusiveness and employee engagement – each tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

                                   PUBLIC SPEAKING COACHING

Working from the inside out is the strategy that Leadership Coach, Carolina Caro uses with her clients to transform their nervous energy and disempowering habits into powerful speakers that are centered, connected and confident. Want to join the group of leaders learning to rock that talk?

Master these Three Pillars to Rock that Talk!

Your Mindset: The most important skill to master is your mindset. In the words of Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." Our self-perception is mirrored back to us by others. If YOU don't believe in the value of your own words, then neither will your audience. Developing a presence that will inspire and influence is about building trust and credibility. Carolina specializes in mindfulness-based techniques that help leaders tap into  their authenticity so that they can genuinely connect with others. It's not about being perfect, it's about being bold enough to be real, which is simple but far from easy. This also looks different for each unique speaker as they honor their individual strengths and style, rather than trying to mimic or fit the mold of a highly revered speaker. Some of the practices used to heighten this foundational pillar, will help uncover individual blocks that speakers face embracing and expressing their full potential.   

Your Energy: Energy is a subtle force yet each of us has probably experienced how the mood of a room can be influenced by a single individual. We can all recognize the power of those who are charismatic and draw others in with their charm and warmth, while others have the ability to repel people with their negative vibes. We are constantly emanating energy. The question is, are you aware of the energy that you bring into a room? Science has shown us that we can detect on a physiological level the energy of others and this can impact how we feel about them. Therefore, it is important to be cognizant of our own energy and learn how to manage it accordingly.

Once the awareness is raised on these internal determinants then the focus is shifted to the external factors that can drastically impact the effectiveness of a talk.

Your Instrument: Your body is a powerful instrument and a vehicle for expression that can be used intentionally to convey a specific message. Every movement, stance and gesture can be used to achieve powerful results. Similarly, your voice is another tool that can be used purposefully to create different outcomes by by varying the pitch, the tone, the pace, the volume or the cadence. But first each speaker must be aware of their default patterns and the distracting habits that can interfere with the effectiveness of their delivery. Once the negative habits are eliminated, they can be replaced with more sophisticated communication skills and more advanced techniques to master the use their instrument accordingly.

Who is this for? This coaching program is intended for professionals who want to be more effective in their communication skills. Whether you're looking to Improve the way you deliver sales pitches, business presentations or keynote lectures, the tools are tailored to meet your specific speaking needs.

Duration: Typical coaching engagements range from 3-6 months with bi-monthly sessions either in person (for some local clients) or virtually using the zoom platform. In between sessions, clients will have assignments to continue to develop their skills and feedback will be provided on those tasks.


Customized Coaching Programs

For more information on how we can tailor the right program for you or your team, or to find out more about the assessments and surveys we offer:

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